Who Buys Organic Food: Different Types of Consumers

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Though it’s tough to market to everyone all at once, it’s still smart to know exactly who is buying organics and what pitches may convince them to buy more.

There are many different types of organic customers, ranging from the die-hard advocates to skeptical consumers who sometimes switch gears. Keep reading to learn more about all of the varied organic customer groups.

The Varied Levels of Organic Consumers

The general landscape of the organic consumer is hard to visualize because they’re a varied and often finicky group. Luckily a few different organizations have looked into organic customers in general and have some insight you may find helpful.

A 2009 study by the Hartman Group found that there are three key organic consumer demographics. They include:

  • Periphery consumers (14% of organic consumers). These are folks who are starting to lean towards organics, but they don’t make any significant behavioral changes, meaning they’re still not purchasing organic products.
  • Mid-level organic consumers. These make up the bulk of organic consumers (65%). They are individuals who are not only changing their attitudes but who are also changing their habits and buying organic products.
  • Core consumers. This is a small group (21%) of people who are very invested in organics. They showcase this investment via both attitude and behavior. These folks talk about organics and purchase organic products often.

Beyond these basic subcategories, there are studies showing that education, health, finances, culture, advocacy, environmental issues and much more shape organic consumers. In general, there are many different reasons why consumers do or don’t purchase organic products, as highlighted below.

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