What’s the Best Fabric for My Sofa?

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If you’ve been listening to our podcast, you’ve likely heard one of our most common questions which is ‘where should I invest my decorating dollars?’ Nearly all of our guests are in agreement that a great, well-made sofa is an investment you won’t regret. The guts of any upholstered piece are important because that determines the lifespan and comfort of a furniture piece, but equally as important is your fabric choice. Today, we’re walking you through all of the options so you can make the best choice for your sofa.

In our episodes with Melanie TurnerErin Gates, and Bunny Williams, all three of these designers recommend choosing a neutral fabric for your couch. They’re just more versatile for any redecorating you may do, they can easily work into any room should you move, and staying away from anything too bold means you won’t get tired of the fabric in a year or two. But even if you choose something neutral, there are lots of different options to consider.

We're talking about different types of fabrics and how to choose the right fabric for your sofa

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