Top 8 Myths About Organic Food

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Organic Food Is Too Expensive

Yes, organic food can be expensive, but plenty of organic food is affordable. In many cases, organic food may cost less than conventional food.

In addition, conventional food has some hidden costs, such as health costs related to issues caused by pesticides and the costs of cleaning up the environment once we unleash chemicals and pesticides.

Natural, Free Range and Local Are as Good as Organic

If you’re trying to circumvent organics by purchasing other, semi-related food labels, you’re should be aware that you’re not always getting what you think you are. Labels such as free-range, natural and locally grown do not mean the same thing as organic. In some cases, labels like “natural” mean absolutely nothing.

Organic products labeled with the USDA organic seal must be grown and processed under strict rules. Other labels do not have these same rules and often, no rules at all. Minus one major exception (organic body care), the organic label, when seen on a product, is much more trustworthy than other food and product labels.

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