Top 8 Myths About Organic Food

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Pesticides Aren’t All That Bad

Pesticides are bad. Very bad. Beyond the fact that pesticides are poisons designed to kill, many of them (organochlorine pesticides in particular) are absorbed by the human body in such a way that even long after you ingest them, they remain in your body, building up as the years go by.

In fact, consider this: DDT is an organochlorine pesticide that everyone thought was safe, but as it turns out, DDT was seriously dangerous and was banned in 1972. With this in mind, you’d think DDT would have vanished. However, the effects of DDT were so strong that it’s still showing up in the bodies of people today, including in people born after DDT was banned. These long-lasting pesticides are also still found in nature, within soil and water systems.

Additionally, runoff from pesticides used on farms or during production is known to kill animals, plants, trees and cause pollution. In people, pesticides cause many health problems.

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