Top 8 Myths About Organic Food

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Start researching organics, and you’ll see a slew of debates regarding everything from their nutritional content to their ability to feed the world. If you’re new to the organic marketplace, you’re to be excused if you feel as if it’s all a bit too much.

Learning the facts about organics (as opposed to the common myths) can help you be a more informed shopper. Here’s a rundown of the top eight organic myths, plus the facts on each.

Organic Food Isn’t Healthier

Too often people focus on the idea that organic food is not substantially more nutritious than conventional food. It’s true that some studies have shown organic food is not more nutritious than conventional food, but other research says the opposite.

However, nutritional content (while obviously important for good health) really isn’t the most important point when it comes to the ongoing organic vs. conventional debate. The most important point is pesticide content.

Here’s a quick fact: Pesticides are poisons designed to kill things. There are pesticides designed to kill bugs, larger animals, weeds, and more, but they’re all made to kill. Ask yourself: Is it healthier to eat poison, or to not eat poison? Nutrients aside, why eat a substance specifically designed to kill life when other poison-free options are available?

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