Top 12 Weird, Fascinating and Creepy Websites

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What are some of the Weirdest, Creepiest and Fascinating Websites Online

Here’s some websites that can be described as Weird, Fascinating or Creepy. Let me know if you have any suggestions yourself:


Creepy Girl features a creepy looking girl with bloodshot eyes who will follow your every cursor move. The graphics are well done and appear to be put together using CGI special effects.

Weird Plane Crash Website provides a collection of voice recordings and transcripts from the most devastating and renowned plane crashes since the 1960s. The site is well visited and updated regularly. This website isn’t just creepy but sad and disturbing.

Weird infinite zoom website

The amount of work that must have gone into creating this artwork or collection of artworks is incredible! The site will take you on a weird journey into the center of the artwork, which will then continue to morph into yet more artwork, zooming in until infinity.

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