Must-See New York: Stunning Egyptian Art and Adornments at the Met

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On my last trip to New York, I spent hours (and hours and hours) at The Met walking around in awe at all the incredible artifacts that seemed to appear at every turn. The only place I’ve seen anything comparable is at the Louvre or the British Museum. One thing I found different from both of these museums, however, was the unique and fascinating pieces that were in The Met’s Egyptian exhibits.

Don’t get me wrong, the Louvre and the British Museum have incredible collections, but they are largely big pieces displayed for maximum impact, and seeing painted details, jewellery, adornments, or intricate sculptures is rare. These stunning, smaller detailed pieces are what The Met seemed to have in droves.

I snapped some shots of some of the pieces that I found the most fascinating — things that I had never seen anywhere else — and thought I’d share them with you!

I know that this isn’t the greatest photo (shooting through glass is never a great option), but there was something about the expression of this sculpture that caught my eye and I couldn’t look away.

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