15 Most Controversial Documentaries Ever Made

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True crime documentaries, podcasts, shows, and films are more popular than ever, but that wasn’t necessarily the case when director Errol Morris’ The Thin Blue Linepremiered in 1988. Granted, Morris never seemed particularly concerned with whether or not anyone was entertained by his story. Instead, he wanted to inform the world of why the arrest of Randall Adams by the Dallas Police Department should be considered one of the most blatant cases of injustice in modern American history.

The Thin Blue Line exposed the mix of incompetence and corruption that led to Adams spending over 10 years in jail for a crime he certainly did not commit. While it’s understandable why the members of the Dallas Police Department who were involved in the case were upset to see how the facts were presented, others argued that Morris’ film did little more than inspire people to mistrust – or openly rebel against – the police. Nevertheless, the movie was responsible for Adams receiving a retrial and subsequent acquittal.

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