10 Weird (But Totally Normal) Things About Your Newborn

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3. Baby Boobage

What’s the deal? Remember those crazy hormones that plagued your entire pregnancy? (How could you forget?) Well, they did a number on baby too. And, unfortunately, one of the side effects of hanging out in your belly for nine months can be…well, large breasts. Baby’s exposure to your hormones can often cause breast tissue to develop, since it takes a while for the hormones to wear off. But don’t stress, they’re generally nothing to be concerned about and should go away in time.

When to worry: Notice any redness around baby’s breast? If so, Levine also suggests taking baby’s temp, to see if the redness is accompanied by a fever. These symptoms may be a sign of something more serious, and reason to get baby checked out.

4. Weird Groaning Noises

What’s the deal? If you expected just a little cooing and occasional crying out of baby, think again. Babies make a racket. There’s grunting, groaning, snorting and all sorts of other funny sounds that you’ll hear out of him or her. But according to Levine, all those strange noises are caused by baby’s nasal passages being pretty narrow in the newborn stage, leading the mucus that gets trapped in there to create some added sound effects. So if you’ve been hearing a symphony of sounds lately, you may just need to spend more time clearing out baby’s nose with a nasal aspirator.

When to worry: Take note of whether or not baby grunts with each breath. If so, he or she may be having trouble breathing. In this case, Levine says to call your pediatrician ASAP.

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